Sipadan (Photo: Felix Pretis)
Sipadan (Photo: Felix Pretis)

Lecture Slides

Lecture 1: Cross-Section Analysis

Lecture 2: Micro-Econometrics

Lecture 3: Macro-Econometrics

Computer Lab Files

Lecture 1 Data

Lecture 2 Data

Lecture 3 Data

Software Download: OxMetrics/PcGive (from within Oxford network)

(Cleaned Data 2) – pw

Problem Set

Problem set

Income-Consumption Data

Loan Data


Relevant Past papers:

2016/2017, Q4 & Q8

2015/2016, Q4 & Q8


Hendry, D.F. (2015) `Introductory Macro-Econometrics: A New Approach’. Timberlake Consultants. Download for free (registration form has to be complete) here.