Svalbard (Photo: Felix Pretis)
Svalbard (Photo: Felix Pretis)

R Package ‘getspanel‘:

Detection of structural breaks and outliers using gets (see below) in panel models. Joint development with Moritz Schwarz.

R Package ‘gets‘:

Together with  Genaro Sucarrat, Moritz Schwarz and James Reade I develop and maintain the R-package gets, which enables general-to-specific model selection and the detection of structural breaks and outliers through indicator saturation using impulses (IIS), step-indicators (SIS), and trend-indicators (TIS).

For more technical detail see the paper on SIS (open-access in Econometrics, 3:2, pp.240-264) and our paper on our R package (Journal of Statistical Software, 86(3)). We also have a blog post on using indicator saturation to detect breaks.

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Try interactive indicator saturation using isat online (with thanks to James Reade for the shiny code):

Select a dataset (e.g. flow of the river Nile at Ashwan) and use indicator saturation to find sudden shifts (structural breaks) and outlying observations at a chosen level of significance (choose random colours if you’re feeling bold!).